Tyrol in summer

Tyrol is a land of relaxation. Fresh mountain meadows with rushing streams, mysterious forests, crystal-clear lakes, and fascinating mountain landscapes ensure rest and inner peace. Here we present some of the Tyrolean highlights with tips and pictures.

Very special places that inspired us to create the Diamant Tirol Perfume .

How high do you have to climb to be free? Are you on the mountain or is the mountain inside you?

What impresses us so much about Tyrol is the multitude of places that invite you to marvel.

Inn, you green river of the Alps. On your way through Tyrol you paint the most beautiful pictures.

As the Tyrolean summer slowly comes to an end, nature teaches us the power of time with its powerful colors.

When I stand in front of a castle and close my eyes, I hear the bedtime stories of my childhood.

The river always makes its way, unstoppable and powerful, past all obstacles.

Jumping into a natural bathing lake is a feeling of freedom. The clear, cool water invigorates body and mind and offers an incomparable connection to nature.

Where does a path begin and where does it end? Does life have a goal or is the path the goal?

Wherever we feel comfortable, we are at home, even if we live somewhere else.

At the very top there is a hut and this incredible view into the distance that will stay with us forever.

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