News from Tyrol

The most important things at a glance: A few cool tips to enjoy the season in Tyrol perfectly. +read

Your chance to get to know Diamant Tirol Eau de Parfum in person. We are there: At the art and design market in Innsbruck. On March 23rd and 24th at the Innsbruck Trade Fair. +read

The Tyrolean winter of 2023/2024 offers a variety of opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation, but also challenges due to the changing climatic conditions. +read

Tyrol, a region known for its breathtaking natural beauty and winter activities, offers a unique experience: ice skating on natural lakes. +read

Snowshoeing in Tyrol is ideal for anyone who wants to explore the majestic winter landscape off the beaten path. +read

The start of winter in Tyrol is characterized by an impressive snowy landscape. Our visit to the Mieming Plateau last weekend was an unforgettable experience. +read

The weekend from December 1st to December 3rd, 2023 in Tyrol. +read

Autumn in Tyrol impresses with its colors. We have selected eight places where you can experience autumn in a particularly beautiful way. +read

This church steeple should be red, but surprisingly it is green. A mystery that has occupied Tyrolean historians for decades. +read

The eight most beautiful lakes in Tyrol. +read

A piece of history: the most beautiful castles, palaces and fortresses in Tyrol. +read

Every spring this rainbow impresses the whole of Austria. +read

Hundreds of thousands of German tourists drive past this lake and have no idea how beautiful it is in winter. +read

Rarely has there been a winter in Tyrol with so little snow. However, it is an opportunity to experience Tyrolean nature in a new way. Normally, the Berglsteinersee would now be covered by ice and snow. +read

Despite shipping, this lake is one of the cleanest in the world: although large 500-person ships navigate it, it is practically of drinking water quality. +read

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