Lake Bergsteinersee

The Berglsteinersee is a beautiful natural swimming lake in Tyrol. It is idyllically located at 713 m above sea level in a forest hollow on a rocky slope in the Lower Inn Valley.

Berglsteinersee in Tyrol

The lake is only two meters deep and therefore warms up to over 20 degrees in summer. From a large parking lot you can reach Lake Berglsteinersee in about 30 minutes on foot uphill.

the Berglsteinersee is a natural bathing lake

In summer, a bathing and mooring fee may apply, which must be paid directly at the parking machine. Access from the parking lot to the lake is permitted for bicycles.

the lake is only up to two meters deep

Arrival: By car to the Berglsteinersee car park.
Bathing fee: Pay at the parking machine (at the car park).
Bathing: There is no official bathing facility with a toilet.
External Link: Berglsteinersee Land Tirol

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