Wilder Kaiser

The Wilder Kaiser is a very distinctive mountain range in the Tyrolean Kaisergebirge (=Emperor Mountains) and for this reason a "Diamant Tirol". It is one of the most famous mountain ranges in the Alps. In winter, when the weather is sunny, its sight is breathtaking.

Wilder Kaiser in Tyrol

The most beautiful view of the Wilder Kaiser is from Ellmau, mainly from the mountain station of the Wilder Kaiser cable car. But even from the valley you can see how impressively the Wilder Kaiser characterizes the landscape.

Wilder Kaiser mountain railways

For winter sports enthusiasts, we recommend the ski area of the "Bergbahnen Wilder Kaiser" or, alternatively, the slightly smaller Astbergbahn ski area, also in Ellmau. In both cases you can enjoy an impressive day of skiing or snowboarding with a view of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. If you only come for the view of the Wilder Kaiser, we recommend the restaurant at the mountain station of the Bergbahnen Wilder Kaiser cable car, with a view of the Kaisergebirge.

Ski area of the Astbergbahn - Wilde Kaiser

Arrival: By car to the "Bergbahnen Wilder Kaiser" car park or the Astberg cable car car park. From there by cable car to the mountain station. There are many parking options in the region.
External Link: www.wilderkaiser.info

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