Maria Larch pilgrimage church

A little above the town of Terfens in Tyrol is the small and delicate pilgrimage church of Maria Larch with a fountain.

Pilgrimage church Maria Larch near Terfens

The special thing about this church is the well house with a spring whose water is said to have revitalizing powers. Even though the church is remote and rarely visited, there is always someone who fills a few (or many) bottles with the special water.

Fountain house of the Maria Larch pilgrimage church

The church is isolated on the edge of the forest next to a meadow and is easy to reach by car. It's about 2 km on foot from Terfens. The origins of the church go back to the 17th century, when the farmer's wife Maria Bogner regularly prayed at a larch tree on the site of today's church. The water from the well house is supplied by St. Florian guards.

In the Maria Larch pilgrimage church

The best way to reach the church is by car, you can stop right in front of the church. It is customary to leave a donation for the preservation of the spring when filling a bottle of water.

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